Our Team


Our Advisory Board Members have agreed to bring their extensive experience in running their existing programs to the Gulf Coast Marine Life Center. Their long-standing, internationally recognized track record proves that they have the expertise, technologies and experience to advise and guide the GCMLC on how to best carry out the goals set forth for Gulf of Mexico Coastal Restoration. Collectively, the GCMLC advisory board members have a proven record of successfully conducting and managing over $300,000,000 in grants for R&D and technology development for closing the cycle of a number of commercially important species of shellfish and marine fish.

The following list of international experts will be providing the GCMLC with the oversight for research, outreach, and educational activities for the center; additionally some of these experts will actively participate in research projects with the GCMLC.

Dr. Daniel Benetti
Dr. Richard Langan
Dr. Wade O. Watanabe
Dr. James P. McVey
Dr. Yonathan Zohar
Dr. Karl Havens
Dr. Phillip Elzer
Michael D. Chambers
Dr. D. Allen Davis