About Us - Our Mission

The Gulf Coast Marine Life Center

The Gulf Coast Marine Life Center, a Florida 501(c)(3) company, in collaboration with aquaculture experts from Louisiana State University, the University of Florida, the University of Miami, the University of North Carolina Wilmington, the University of New Hampshire, the University of Maryland, and Texas A&M is bringing together the best minds the U.S. has to offer in the fields of aquaculture and fisheries science.

Phase I Hatchery
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The Center's efforts will assist and support the US Department of Commerce and NOAA's National Aquaculture Policy, which is targeted at "Restoring Marine Habitats, Increasing Domestic Seafood Production, and Creating Sustainable Jobs." It has been widely reported that the magnitude of the U.S. seafood trade deficit, combined with the state of the global seafood supply and demand, makes domestic seafood production a matter of national food security.


The GCMLC's goals are twofold:

  • Assist fisheries managers in rebuilding valuable fish stocks through ecologically and economically sustainable stock enhancements efforts
  • Promote responsible stewardship of the Gulf through education and outreach programs

To this end, we have created a public-private partnership to develop a Center of Excellence at GCMLC's Okaloosa Island, FL site, with other facilities planned along the Gulf Coast. The Okaloosa Island site will house a state-of-the-art marine finfish and shellfish hatchery, a coastal plant production facility, classrooms, and teaching laboratories. The most advanced technologies and scientific methods will be on display, thus providing a powerful resource to support Sea Grant outreach programs designed to transfer this knowledge to the private sector.

At the same time, our University Partners will work hand in hand with Gulf Coast Wildlife Officials to support multi-species stock enhancement initiatives where deemed feasible by providing juvenile finfish, shellfish, and the scientific research necessary to support all State and Federal agencies responsible for wild populations of Gulf of Mexico species

The Gulf Coast Marine Life Center will serve as the hub for the development of additional research facilities throughout the region, thus stimulating job creation and successful restoration projects on the Gulf Coast of the United States.